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In the Metaverse, ensuring user rights to teleportation is essential to breaking down walled gardens and safeguarding an open and connected ecosystem.

The Metaverse HyperText Transfer Protocol (MHTTP) is an open standard for teleportation across the Metaverse. The protocol enables developers to create portals using an open JSON schema, connects virtual worlds, and empowers users to teleport through portals to destination virtual worlds.

While many different technologies exist as partial solutions, the world lacks a single technology that provides a coherent standard for metaverse teleportation. MHTTP builds upon existing technologies like HTTP, OAuth and JSON to provide developers an easy way to create portals and users a seamless way to teleport. Both developer simplicity and user accessibility are therefore key design goals.

We have started an early reference implementation of MHTTP on GitHub as an open-source project under MIT license. Join our movement today - your contribution in usage, code, ideas or feedback is highly instrumental towards realizing an open and connected Metaverse.